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I am

Nino Handler - Developer

A passionate Android and Flutter developer with a diploma in German Literature and a bachelor in Applied Computer Science.

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uryde – Co-Founder & Head of Development

März 5, 2020

Founded Connect Mobility GmbH with Malte and Johannes and start getting serious about uRyde.

Bundesagentur für Arbeit – Android Developer

Januar 6, 2020

Support the mobile app team as freelancer. Main topics are architecture-related solutions like authentication flow (RFC 8252), privacy-aware push notification solutions, Flutter consultancy, Kotlin multiplatform, library development. Building new app BA-Mobil from scratch. Until 30.04.2021.

Unlocked Freelance Skill – Android & Flutter Freelancer

Januar 1, 2020

uryde – Support team with Flutter development

November 1, 2019

Building the best carpooling app there is… Stay tuned.  

adorsys – Mobile Tribe Lead

August 1, 2019

Founder of mobile tribe after restructuring organization. Trying to push everything mobile forward inside the company.

adorsys – Technical Lead Android

November 1, 2016

I code by myself but also start new projects and make sure the architecture of apps is solid. I help my colleagues with Android, Flutter and other mobile development related questions, investigate new technologies – also non mobile ones like Tensorflow.

GDG Nuremberg – Founded GDG Nuremberg Android

August 1, 2016

Founder and organizer of GDG Nuremberg – a group which was founded to connect developers in Nuremberg and region and discuss topics related to Google’s technology. Since 2016 the GDG Nuremberg, formerly GDG Nuremberg Android exists and develops the Android / developer community in Nuremberg with regular – mostly monthly meetups. We try to help people getting started with development, create a welcoming and open community for everyone who’s interested in mobile development and development with Google technologies. We are also one of the biggest meetups for Kotlin development in Germany.

adorsys – Senior Android Developer

August 1, 2016

Conrad Electronic – Teamlead „Competence Center Berlin“

Januar 1, 2016

Conrad Electronic – Lead Android Developer

Dezember 1, 2014