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I develop apps since 2013 when I started my Android carreer as working student at ]init[ in Berlin.

After my studies in 2014, I joined forces with Conrad Electronic to help to build up the Conrad Competence Center Berlin – a startup within the big concern – as a Senior Android Developer. So right after my studies I immediately lead a team of 2-3 people and we developed together the new e-commerce app for Conrad for Germany and Austria.

2016, after developing and maintaining one big Android app for nearly two years, I had the great opportunity to find an employer which would give me the opportunity to start new projects more often: adorsys in Nuremberg, a software service provider with a strong focus on open source and security. Being able to start several new projects, I also got more into architectural topics. As the Technical Lead for Android Development and later the founder of the mobile app tribe I continued leading small teams and learned to love teaching others my knowledge.

This passion for helping others is nothing which I developed only at adorsys, I was always quite active on Stackoverflow, founded the GDG Nuremberg Android, which in the meantime became GDG Nuremberg to connect with other developers and to grow the Android / Flutter community in Nuremberg.

Since 2020, I’m an Android and Flutter freelancer, currently working for Bundesagentur für Arbeit and Co-Founder of the CONNECT Mobility GmbH, which develops the next generation of ridesharing with our ridesharing and navigation app uRyde.